Step Up For Early Care And Education!

fund education“Research increasingly has shown the benefits of early childhood education and efforts to promote the lifelong acquisition of skills for both individuals and the economy as a whole. The payoffs of early childhood programs can be especially high.”
-Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, March 2011

We Can’t Afford Anymore Cuts to ECE!
The proposed California State Budget includes $517 million in reductions to early care and education.
This is a 26% reduction in current ECE funding and these cuts are scheduled to be permanent.

San Francisco Child Care and Early Education is Stepping Up to raise awareness about the importance of ECE, and to say NO to any more cuts to Early Care and Education!
Won’t you join us?

Established in 1998, the mission of the San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association (SFCCPA) is to ensure that the San Francisco early childhood education workforce has the support, compensation and resources needed to provide the highest quality care to all children. Since its inception, the SFCCPA has served as an advocacy voice for the early childhood education field, with advocacy campaigns in issues ranging from Wages Plus, reimbursement rates, the mental health consultation program and SF CARES.  The SFCCPA works directly with child care providers to increase their understanding of best practices in the classroom, childhood development and to increase their leadership and advocacy skills.

Our membership includes teachers, directors, child care providers, parents, children’s advocates and other professionals who serve young children. Currently, the SFCCPA has over 1,100 members, representing over 190 childcare centers and family child care providers throughout San Francisco. The SFCCPA also works with other community organizations dedicated to early childhood education on advocacy issues, best practices and outreach, such as Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, Parent Voices, CPAC, the Family Child Care Providers’ Association of San Francisco, Children’s Council and City College. Through this network, the SFCCPA coordinates advocacy campaigns on issues related to providers, families and children, while also sharing ECE resources and information with our members.

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