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SFCCPA Programs and Services

The SFCCPA has demonstrated success in implemeCPA Programs and Servicesnting programs and initiatives that directly impact child care providers and the quality of early care and education in San Francisco. In addition to our outreach and advocacy work, some of the programs and services that the SFCCPA provide include: 1) monthly teachers’, site supervisors’ and directors’ meetings featuring workshops and trainings on best practices, leadership development and advocacy work; 2) workshops and trainings on best practices in early development and business management, 3) ECE advocacy campaigns, and professional development opportunities for ECE teachers; 4) an annual ECE Leadership Conference (in partnership with City College and the Family Child Care Providers’ Association) that attracts more than 300 ECE providers in San Francisco for professional development workshops and trainings on best practices in early childhood development and leadership development; 5) an annual Advocacy Luncheon that is developed and emceed by
ECE teachers who speak about the importance of ECE initiatives, such as CARES and Wages Plus, to local and statewide legislators in attendance; 6) substitute reimbursement to ECE centers to enable teachers to attend trainings and workshops for their professional development; and 7) resources and referrals to ECE educators.

In addition to these specific programs and initiatives, the SFCCPA also sends out frequent e-mails and updates to our members on issues that are vital to the ECE field, and provides one-on-one assistance to providers who need help locating resources and referrals. The SFCCPA also coordinates advocacy campaigns and mobilizes members to attend and testify at important legislative hearings pertaining to the ECE field. Through our advocacy work, the voices and concerns of those most affected by policy changes pertaining to the ECE field, namely providers, are incorporated into the legislative decision making process and help ensure that ECE remains a priority within the city and state budget process.

Assessing and Responding to the Needs of Providers

step upThe SFCCPA strongly believes in having the needs of providers inform what we do and how we do it. Our constant contact with providers throughout the city provides us with the unique opportunity to hear directly from providers about what their most pressing needs are and what barriers they face in continuing their professional development and providing the highest quality of care to the children they work with. This feedback is invaluable and enables us to understand and meet the current needs of providers in the city, and informs the work that we do and our advocacy campaigns.

The SFCCPA is able to bring current ECE policy related issues to providers for their feedback and bring this feedback to citywide ECE policy and planning meetings. Due to their work schedules, providers are often unable to attend meetings in which policies regarding ECE are being discussed. By informing providers of current legislative updates and policy initiatives and facilitating discussions about the needs and challenges faced by the workforce, the SFCCPA is able to bring these issues and priorities to the table with policy makers and represent the needs of the ECE workforce in discussions regarding citywide ECE policy.

Through all of our programs, services and initiatives, the SFCCPA seeks to ensure that the San Francisco ECE workforce has the support, compensation and other resources needed to provide the highest quality care to all children. The SFCCPA strongly believes that ECE providers deserve opportunities for career enhancement and adequate salaries and benefits to enable them to stay in the field and continue to provide quality care. Our services include advocacy, capacity building, information and referral, leadership and professional development, community building and networking. Our vision is to serve as a place where citywide ECE educators can come together to address common issues and learn from one another, and our audience includes all those who provide and are committed to quality child care for all children in San Francisco.