Get Involved!

You can make a difference!

Early Care and Education and Early Childhood Professionals deserve to be recognized as a vital part of our community!

Here are some things you can do to:

  • Make calls or write e-mails to let other teachers and providers know about events and actions.
  • Download and print out one of the flyers here , or make your own fliers highlighting important facts about ECE that you think everyone should know and hand them out.
  • Tell the parents in your program about the campaign and invite them to join you in supporting ECE and getting the facts out by handing out fliers about ECE at their work!
  • Call, email or write to your legislators and invite them to visit your center or family child care program and ask for their support not to cut any more funding for ECE programs (You can download contact information here).
  • Submit op-eds or letters to the editor of local newspapers or local media outlets outlining the importance of investing in ECE. (You can download a list of San Francisco Media Contacts here)
  • Invite a local news anchor visit your center or family child care program to see what ECE is all about!
    • Visit your District Supervisor at City Hall with the children you work with and increase the visibility of ECE support to our local legislators and to the media! (You can download a list of Board of Supervisors and State Legislators here)

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San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association
((415) 244-2717
c/o South of Market Child Care Center
790 Folsom St., SF, CA 94107

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